Application form Online Spoken Sanskrit Organized by Sanskrit Bharati

Application form Online Spoken Sanskrit Organized by Sanskrit Bharati. संस्कृतसम्भाषणवर्गाभियानम्

Do you want to speak Sanskrit? Then you can join Online Spoken Sanskrit classes organized by Sanskrit Bharati.

Application form for Online Spoken Sanskrit organized by Samskrita Bharati Dakshina Banga.

★ If you have never been to a sibir or barga before, fill out the application form, as this barga is for newcomers only.

((If you have never been to a camp or square before, fill in the application form, because this class is only for beginners. ))

What will the course be through?

Online “Google meet

Online Spoken Sanskrit Course Date and Time

Date of Sambhasanavarga – 10th May to 20th May.

Time – 3.30 p.m to 5 p.m(समयः – अपराह्न: ३.३० तः ५.०० वादनपर्यन्तम्।)

Course fee

सम्पूर्णनिःशुल्केन (free of cost)

Joining Process

After submit please join the 
WhatsApp group, You will get the WhatsApp link automatically after clicking submit button.No one will send you the WhatsApp group link manually.

Must be added to Whatsapp group after submitting the application form, Submit button will get the link of WhatsApp group as soon as you click it. Separately no one will send you a link WhatsApp group.

Application form Online Spoken Sanskrit
Spoken Sanskrit

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Thanks to Milan Majhi . Who dedicated himself to Sanskrit Also Thanks to Sanskrit Bharati Who are constantly trying to promote Sanskrit.

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