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All parents wish to give a unique and meaningful name to their children. In India, a Sanskrit name is mostly preferred. child name in Sanskrit, which is replete with misinformation on Sanskrit names. Popular name websites too mispresent the meaning of many Sanskrit words and sometimes even list names from other languages, presenting them as Sanskrit. Some books on also mistakes. sunāma: beautiful sanskrit names pdf Paperback – 28

sunāma: beautiful sanskrit names pdf

Each Sanskrit sunama-or ‘a good name’-has a mathematical derivation (vyutpatti) and/or a mystical explanation (nirukti).

This work by Sanskrit scholar Nityananda Misra is a wonderful collection of more than 3,000 sunamas, most of which are rare or unused today.

He studied more than 70,000 names in seventy-seven authentic Sanskrit texts, including seven Vedic sa?hitas, ten Pura? as, the Ramaya?a the Mahabharata, seven ko? as, three grammar works and thirty-eight sahasranamas for this compilation.

Each name entry includes the Devanagari and IAST spellings, gender, meaning, and the person or deity to whom the name belongs.

A work of immense dedication and accurate research, this is a must-have for parents seeking unique names for their child.

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Book Description

At a time when parents are being misled by the Internet and name websites abounding with fake or inappropriate, here is a book with rare and authentic Sanskrit names by a Sanskrit scholar.

About the Author

Nityananda Misra, a scholar of Sanskrit and Hinduism, is an IIM Bangalore graduate and a finance professional. He is a professional onomasticon who provides consultation on Sanskrit names to parents. He regularly writes on Sanskrit names on Facebook and Twitter.

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sunāma: beautiful sanskrit names pdf Paperback – 28

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