Modern Sanskrit Literature Hardcover by H. L. Shukla (Author)

The achievement of Modern Sanskrit Literature has been called in question by various critics. The purpose of the present study is primarily to view nineteenth-century Sanskrit literature in its cultural context. Modern Sanskrit Literature by H. L. Shukla

Modern Sanskrit Literature Hardcover by H. L. Shukla

As a matter of fact, they are ignorant of the development of Sanskrit literature after Panditraj Jagannatha.

Seen from this angle, the Sanskrit literature of the past three centuries with its amazing wealth and many-sided growth strikes one as nothing but a glorious revival reflecting the intense patriotic fervor and nationalistic upsurge.

The sources are many but in particular, they are from rare Sanskrit journals, and the material in them which could be utilized seems endless.

Instead of reproducing each relevant Sanskrit writer in this study, the author’s aim has been to re-introduce Appashastri Rashivadekar from a broader perspective – his functional approach to Sanskrit language and literature.