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Sai R Vaidyanathan is an author/journalist/columnist.
Besides Sci-fi Jaya, he has authored Chanakya’s last move,
Gita: The complete argument, Who stopped Surya?, Vedic
Q&A, Happiness@WORK, Happiness@WORK 2, The
Complete Happiness@WORK and e-book The last Pandava.
He has also been a guest faculty member at Panjab
University, Chandigarh.
Besides writing on other subjects, his focus, for the past two
decades has been the Vedic civilization

Sai R Vaidyanathan’s books

  • Chanakya’s LAST MOVE
  • GITA: The complete argument
    Who stopped Surya?
  • Vedic Q&A
  • The last Pandava
  • Happiness@WORK 2
  • Sci-fi JAYA – pdf-Book

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For an uncertainty on the Gita, who would it be a good idea for one to go to?

As the Bhagavad Gita between Ruler Krishna and Arjuna was unfurling on the Kurukshetra combat zone, Sanjaya, Lord Dhritrashtra’s charioteer, saw it with the help of his heavenly vision — a drawn-out 100 miles away at Hastinapur.

As would be natural for Sanjaya, Ruler Dhritrashtra heard the Master’s Tune.

Afterward, sage Ved Vyas put down the revealed discussion between Ruler Dhritrashtra and his charioteer in words for succeeding ages to relish.

Every researcher deserving at least moderate respect — down the ages — has composed his editorial on the amazing 700-section work of art.

In any case, when Ved Vyas himself needs an explanation on the Tune Heavenly, to whom would he be able to go?

Ruler Krishna and Arjuna have quite a while in the past surrendered the phantom then, at that point have Dhritrashtra and Sanjaya. Indeed, even the commendable researchers, who composed discourses on the Gita, have shed their human loops.

In this way, Ved Vyas backtracks his means to the sacred site to fulfill the sole one who heard it from very close… the person who is renowned as buddhimatam varishtam (keen among the insightful


Sai R. Vaidyanathan

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